Listen to the whole New Testament this Lent

This came through on an email and I thought others might be interested in it as well:

Crème eggs are back in the shops, hot cross buns are on special offer, and the daffodils are almost out: it’s that time of year again when we start to think about Easter!

There’s an awful lot said about giving something up for Lent. But this year, instead of giving something up, why not take something up? Something really powerful and something that can be life-changing!

Download Bible Society’s free audio New Testament – You’ve Got The Time – and listen during Lent. It’ll be just 28 minutes a day. And in 40 days, you will have listened to the whole New Testament.

Discover the Bible in a new way, and see the stories come alive through this dramatised version from Riding Lights Theatre Company. You can easily build 28 minutes of listening into your day; whether that’s walking the dog, doing the shopping or going to the gym. In fact, I’m planning to do it as I travel to and from the office.Visit and download your free audio New Testament. I hope you’ll join me and others on Bible Society’s Facebook page, for daily discussions and encouragement in going deeper into God’s Word this Lent.

God Bless

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PS Download your free audio New Testament and join the discussion each day on Facebook.

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