Join me at Bethel and some interesting things I've been reading

Good afternoon from America, well at least it’s afternoon here. Whilst you’ve had snow today I’m sitting on a veranda enjoying the sunshine (and before you even think it NO this is NOT a holiday!). I’ll post separately on my thoughts and reflections from Bethel Church but thought I’d let you know that you can join me here! Well – virtually if not in person. Bethel stream all their services live and they are then on their website for later viewing. Some of it is free and some you have to pay for. If your interested take a look at If your into iPhones and iPads there’s even an app which allows you to access some of the audio and video material! And most of the talks are podcast on iTunes (just search for Bethel Church Sermon of the week).

If you watch the video over the next few weeks see if you can spot me!


I thought I’d also share some links to stuff I’ve been reading online recently:

The comprehensive victory we share in as those who belong to Christ

Notes on Discipleship from a conversation with Mike Breen

Eternal life has already begun, life in the Kingdom, as a disciple, is eternal life.

Churches looking for a Silver Bullet in a microwave culture

Why A Porsche And Wet Cement Don’t Mix!


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