Bethel One-Liners

Below are a series of one-liners that I’ve extracted from my notes of meetings at Bethel over the last week. Hope you enjoy them and find them helpful:

    • What’s important is what happens out there as a result of what you catch in here.


  • God doesn’t want great people to come to church He wants great people to come from the church.



  • Heaven is our destiny, but Heaven on earth is our ministry.



  • Fear is faith in the wrong kingdom.



  • Our eschatology is wrecking our ecology – if you think the world will get worse and worse why try to fix it?



  • Speaking the truth in love isn’t loving to speak the truth.



  • The goal of the fivefold ministries is to equip others for the ministry so that they don’t need you, to work yourself out of a job! The goal is for the body to take care of the body.



  • When the impossible looks logical you know you have the mind of Christ.



  • Do you live from earth towards heaven or from heaven towards earth?



  • Jesus never said go and make Christians, he said go and make disciples, and the root of discipleship is discipline.



  • You die to live and not live to die!



  • When I came to Jesus I came because I wanted a relationship with Father and I get to go to heaven because that where he lives.



  • People will do for money what they won’t do for love.



  • In the OT the word Father is used 613 times and only 4 for God. in the NT the word Father is used 311 times and 249 times for God.



  • We have reduced the Christian faith to a set of doctrines and creeds that pushes to the edges the experience of God.



  • The Father says I don’t want you to claim your wounds are more powerful than my Sons are.



  • Sometimes it is the things we don’t see that keep us from seeing the things that God wants us to see.



  • Hope means – God has written the end of your story before you started and it’s better than you can ever imagine.



  • Jesus never taught on how to deal with unanswered prayer because he never intended for there to be unanswered prayer!



  • There is nothing missing from the worlds awareness of God more than the goodness of God.



  • Religion is so boring and deadening that it strips you of your dreams.



  • Papa is in the secret place not in the applause of men. If you want to connect with the Father he’s waiting for you when no one is looking. But he will reward you in public.



  • The earth is missing the fulfilling of your dreams, because in the fulfilling of your dreams is the revelation to the world of the Father.



P.S. The photo is one I took of Greenland from the plane on the way here.




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