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I posted a few days ago about following the worship and talks at Bethel church on www.ibethel.tv what I hadn’t remembered is that you need to create an account in order to view more than a 5min preview of each session. You need to go to http://www.ibethel.tv/home and follow the link to set up a free account which will give you a basic quality video stream of one worship event and one sermon each week as well as options to download audio podcasts.

If however you have an iPad or iPhone then the iBethel App is a great, and free, way to access the content.

The Governments Plans to Redefine Marriage

This past week the government launched what they called a consultation on the redefinition of marriage from being between one man and one woman to being between two people of whatever gender. This is a profound change to our society and is deeply troubling to all who hold the traditional view of marriage. I have included below links to some of the recent information and comments on this proposal including the official statement from the Church of England.

Other interresting things I’ve been reading:

Happy Mothering Sunday to all mothers.

P.S. If you are a member of St Paul’s please remember that Bella has ‘given up her husband’ for Lent and for your benefit! Please give her a break on Sundays and don’t expect her to know what’s happening, where things are or to answer your questions on the life of St Paul’s! Ask the Leadership Team or the Churchwardens instead.


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