Bethel Quotes Pt3 & Things I've been Reading

More quotes that I’ve extracted from my notes at Bethel over the past week. Once again some encourage me, some challenge me and some make me think!

  • “The spiritually minded person does not differ from the materially minded person chiefly in thinking about different things, but in thinking about the same things differently. It is possible to think materially about God and materially about food.” Archbishop William Temple
  • The best definition of evangelism for me is overflow – Che Ahn
  • The key is not to do your own thing and ask God to bless you. The key is to see what the Father is doing and join him. Recognise not organise. Che Ahn
  • We need a daily soaking with the Holy Spirit and his love. Che Ahn
  • You need to give expression to the impressions that the Holy Spirit gives you. Che Ahn
  • The presence of God is not the icing on the cake, it is the cake! Che Ahn
  • Faith is revelation plus personal conviction plus action. Che Ahn
  • God is constantly speaking the problem is we’re not listening. Che Ahn
  • You have, living inside you, the DNA of heaven. Paul Manwaring
  • There is no greater revival than someone who comes to faith in Christ. Paul Manwaring
  • There is no church growth without souls being saved. It’s time for he church to grow. Paul Manwaring
  • We’re not just going to celebrate our salvation from sin we’re going to celebrate our salvation to abundant life. Paul Manwaring
  • We’re not just saved from sin, we’re saved unto glory, a glorious way of life here and now not just when we die. Paul Manwaring
  • If we lived in OT times we would have such awareness of the supernatural power needed to forgive our sins that we would have no trouble believing that he could heal diseases. Ps 103:3 Paul Manwaring

Things I’ve been Reading/Watching this week:


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