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We are reading John together in July – August 2014

A Question For You

WorthwhileToday there’s no passage from John, no comment and no video. Instead here’s a question:

What did you think of the videos?

I asked this question at the start of the last three videos, but amazingly (!), have yet to have any comments. So what did you think? Were they helpful? Did they help you engage with the bible passage of the day? Did they make you think? Did they challenge you? And, most importantly, did they help you live life differently?

Each video too about an hour to design, create and do the techie stuff to get them to you, that’s about 40 hours of work over the summer. As I look to the future, maybe Advent, maybe Lent, or maybe next summer, it would be really helpful to know if this investment of time is worthwhile. If I hear nothing I will take that as a NO – so if you want to see more then plead comment.

You can respond on my website, the church website, on Facebook, or by replying if you receive my blog posts by email. I look forward to the deluge of responses!