Reading the Gospels Together

Byzantinischer_Maler_um_1020_003For the past few years St Paul’s Church (where I’m the vicar) and Whiteley Church (where I assist) have read a specific gospel together over the summer months. This has been an exciting and interesting journey together. Each Sunday, rather than preaching, we’ve asked our congregations what they have learn’t in the previous week, what has challenged them and what questions they’ve got. Most importantly we’ve asked what has God said through the passages we’ve been reading together?

To support this we have produced various resources. With Mark it was an occasional blog post, with Matthew it was more regular blog posts that were emailed to some of the congregation. In the Summer of 2014 it was a series of daily ‘thought for the day’ videos that were made available through my site, our church websites and on our Facebook pages.

On the pages below you can find these reflections:

Reflections on John – Summer 2014
Reflections on Matthew – Summer 2013
Reflections on Mark – Summer 2012


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