Bethel One-liners Pt2

Here are more quotes from Bethel that I’ve extracted from my notes over the past week. Some of them encourage me, some challenge me and some make me ponder:

  • Seriousness is not a gift of the Holy Spirit, Joy is.
  • Focus on what God is doing not what God isn’t doing.
  • God is so good at his job that his name is healer.
  • I don’t need to pray that God would come, he’s already here, I just need to let him out.
  • It’s not about hard or long prayers, it’s about how much we trust God.
  • I don’t want to become good at my job, I just want to hang out with someone who is good at his – the Holy Spirit.
  • Some people go on about how much they love Jesus but know little of how much Jesus loves them.
  • Don’t work for love, work from love.
  • Grace is not a theology, grace is a person.
  • We need people in the healing rooms who know that they are loved by God who is extravagant, he is a good God in a good mood.
  • We’ve created a gospel to match our experience instead of lifting our experience to match the gospel.
  • We live with the conviction that its impossible to pray and nothing happen.
  • If you don’t think it’s Gods will to heal you why go to the doctor?
  • Most of the time it’s obedience that attracts revelation.
  • Sometimes when your willing to do what your not qualified to do that’s what qualifies you.
  • Something happens to the person who feeds himself on what God is doing.
  • 1 Cor 13 – love believes all things – some of us need to become gullible to God again, to simply believe.
  • I’d rather die in faith than live in unbelief.
  • God wants to reveal his goodness not only to us but through us.
  • All of heaven supports those who give themselves to reveal Gods goodness.
  • Much of the church knows God as saviour but not as a father who is deeply and profoundly good.
  • Discipleship does not happen from the pulpit it happens life on life.








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